The lyrics and music for this little tune were written in 2012. A good portion of the recording took place in 2016, but it didn’t finally get completed until July of 2020 when I set up my recording studio at Glory of God Lutheran Church. So why did it take so long? hmmm… well… #seminary. In one way this song is a bit of a time capsule that’s capturing the feelings of a very different time for me. It’s an aspirational song. Click on the photo below of me standing next to Jesus-Supergirl to give it a listening. From 2012 through 2016 this tune was performed at many Tangled Blue gigs including a lot of Christian youth gatherings. At the end of this post are a few photos from those performances…

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I’m with Jesus

2012 © words and music by Joel Pakan 2012 Subtle Conversation Music ASCAP /

I’m with Jesus, standing right here, His name is your name, to be perfectly clear
if I can know him, I need to know you
walking hand in hand through your bright and your deepest blue
this is now as it will be, word made flesh in you, in me

I’m with Jesus as she sleeps to my right, driving this endless road, in dark of night
my stormy mind threatens and blurs my eyes, you whisper “peace, be still” and calm my cries
I am lost but in you I’m found, shaking knees on solid ground

“I am with you always”, in your rich and your poor days
I’m the beggar and the busker, corner preacher and that hustler
I’m the convict and the law man, I’m the addict, child, and the alien
I’m your friend and your enemy, and I’m coming for you
you are mine now, just what will you do

We’re with Jesus, as we walk through each day, in every person, in every way
We’re with Jesus, when we bridge the divide, He’s risen here too on the other side
this is now as it will be, I am blind but in you I see
word made flesh in you, in me, this is now as it will be
I’m with Jesus, I’m with Jesus, I’m with Jesus, when I’m with you

Aimée Pakan sang and played bass and djembe
Joel Pakan sang and played guitar and keyboard
Rob Ticherich played drums

Aimee and I are no longer in the game of buying 100s of shirts and selling them at gigs like we used to, but if you want an item with this logo, you can find it here:

If you have one of our old “I’m with Jesus” shirts or pick up a new one or just make a sign pointing to Christ in your life then we’ll add any photos you send our way to this gallery…