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21 songs for 2021

…here are 21 songs for 2021. These tunes found some time in my ears this past year, some more than others (taking a look at the tunes I listened to the most via Apple Music is really interesting), and all of them speak to my experience of this past year.  Do you have some tunes which carried you through? I’d love to hear your list of 21 songs for 2021. Send me your 2021 playlist. Here’s mine…

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Lazy-Faire Readers: session 2 with Anna Madsen

This is a conversation between Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen, author of “I Can Do No Other” and Joel. This is session 2 in a community book reading of Anna’s book. Much of this discussion centers around Martin Luther’s use of “natural law”, how this has influenced our time and where we may make informed and different choices.

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Lazy-Faire Readers: session 1 with Anna Madsen

This is a conversation between Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen, author of “I Can Do No Other” and Joel. This serves as an opening to a community book reading of Anna’s book. In the video we cover parts of the books preface and chapters 1 and 2. This video also includes a new song written and recorded by Aimée and Joel for Reformation Day 2021 which incorporates themes and stories from Anna’s book.

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Lazy-Faire Readers: an introduction

The conversations with Anna over the past month have already sparked some new creativity in me. Here’s my new tune, written over the last week in October and featuring video footage from East Side taken over this past Reformation weekend. Let me know what you think…

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Holy Trinity Sunday – 2021

There’s a lot going on in these weeks so here’s a playlist to accompany the journey. Also, I’ll be chatting with Stephen Bond about the readings for Holy Trinity later tonight. You can catch that conversation on the East Side Lutheran Church Facebook and YouTube pages. Lastly, here’s the video assembly of my new office wall which features a print of the “Lakota Trinity” icon by John Giuliani. 

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East Side’s Lenten Playlist – What’s Going On

For the season of Lent 2021 the community in/around/connected to East Side Lutheran Church is reading a daily chapter of an Epistle… Now’s a great time to join in this community experience. Even if your only connection to this neighborhood congregation in Sioux Falls is me…

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An Ordination Service

Hello friends, it’s been two weeks since the occasion of our ordination service. The event was streamed on the Season And Story Facebook page. You can also find it on our YouTube channel and in the video below… this post also has a new version of the Street Kyrie with Emmanuel Philor Sr.

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Episode 2 of the Reluctant Hope Podcast

We are in week 2 of our journey together in Advent. This week on the Reluctant Hope podcast, Bishop Constanze Hagmaier sits down with Ann Marie Rossing to talk about “relationships.” The text this week comes from Malachi 2:10-3:1. Tangled Blue lead us in song. Aimee’s lovely rendering of the Lord’s Prayer is accompanied by Rob Ticherich, Hilary James, and Joel. Songs also featured in this podcast are “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, and “I Will Not Let You Go”. 

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20 songs for 2020

I’ve posted a little request/challenge of some of my friends that’s turned out to be a really lovely and inspiring exercise in listening. Here are the few directives I’ve given: Make a playlist on any service(s) you choose, any 20 songs that have played a part in your year, any theme you like (funny, motivating, ironic, favorites, whatever), share your playlist link and maybe add #20songs42020. That’s it!

Have a playlist to share? Let me know. Here’s mine…

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Take Aways from the 2019 RMS Theological Conference

In ways too numerous to count it felt like this theological conference was part of a conversation that many of my peers and theological siblings have been unable or unwilling to hold over the past couple years. For me this conference was the next step in those unfinished conversations and a healing balm. It allowed me to lament (which for me is always in the first few steps of any substantive change) where we have failed (and continue to fail) because the existence of these conversations shows what is possible when we recognize the Spirit of Christ in our midst, in one another, in all.

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