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The Heart of the Matter – Pentecost 2023

As we spring from Easter into a summer of Pentecost here’s a playlist and song-infused sermon for Sunday, May 28, 2023. Turns out that Don Henley, Billie Eilish, Mavis Staples, Amos Lee, Brandi Carlile, and many more have written some great songs on the spirit of confession and forgiveness.

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21 songs for 2021

…here are 21 songs for 2021. These tunes found some time in my ears this past year, some more than others (taking a look at the tunes I listened to the most via Apple Music is really interesting), and all of them speak to my experience of this past year.  Do you have some tunes which carried you through? I’d love to hear your list of 21 songs for 2021. Send me your 2021 playlist. Here’s mine…

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Lazy-Faire Readers: an introduction

The conversations with Anna over the past month have already sparked some new creativity in me. Here’s my new tune, written over the last week in October and featuring video footage from East Side taken over this past Reformation weekend. Let me know what you think…

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Holy Trinity Sunday – 2021

There’s a lot going on in these weeks so here’s a playlist to accompany the journey. Also, I’ll be chatting with Stephen Bond about the readings for Holy Trinity later tonight. You can catch that conversation on the East Side Lutheran Church Facebook and YouTube pages. Lastly, here’s the video assembly of my new office wall which features a print of the “Lakota Trinity” icon by John Giuliani. 

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East Side’s Lenten Playlist – What’s Going On

For the season of Lent 2021 the community in/around/connected to East Side Lutheran Church is reading a daily chapter of an Epistle… Now’s a great time to join in this community experience. Even if your only connection to this neighborhood congregation in Sioux Falls is me…

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Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

Here’s a playlist to accompany Ash Wednesday and the first week of Lent 2021 on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. I took an hour (ok, maybe 3) to read through the readings assigned to Ash Wednesday and the first Sunday in Lent 2021 and put together this soundtrack. 

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Shake It Out and Shake It Off – Epiphany 4B

This weeks playlist and sermon are really intertwined. I’m not really sure where one ends and the other begins, but I know I woke up early a couple days back with this reading from Mark wrapped around a song I learned when I was maybe 5 for 6 years old…

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An Ordination Service

Hello friends, it’s been two weeks since the occasion of our ordination service. The event was streamed on the Season And Story Facebook page. You can also find it on our YouTube channel and in the video below… this post also has a new version of the Street Kyrie with Emmanuel Philor Sr.

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Angels in your living room and other songs for Advent 4B 2020

What does the music of Paul Simon, Khalid, Sara Bareilles, Journey, Ed Sheehan, Elvis Presley, Over the Rhine and others have in common? Songs from these writers fit like a hand in a glove with the themes of Advent 4B and the longest night of the year… 20 songs for angel sightings in Advent

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