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Advent 1A – Sunday, December 1, 2019

Want to start of the Church year in celebratory fashion?! Here’s a playlist for Advent 1A – Reggae and folks songs for the first Sunday in the church year, leaning into the lectionary readings. Songs from Ziggy Marley, Al Green, David Wilcox, Ben Kyle, Bruce Cockburn, John Hermanson, and more

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Advent Playlists 2019

In this year of internship my typical day includes 90 minutes of commuting between Westminster and Evergreen, Colorado… This time in the car has reignited an old spiritual practice. Back in the 1980s and early 90s I spent a good amount of time listening to the weekly top 40 radio hits and recording my favorites to a cassette tape… music to me is Spirit, especially when we do music in community… As we “do” Advent together, here are the songs that are forming me. What songs and messages are forming and formational to you and your journey through this season? 

Under the Mercy, Joel

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Take Aways from the 2019 RMS Theological Conference

In ways too numerous to count it felt like this theological conference was part of a conversation that many of my peers and theological siblings have been unable or unwilling to hold over the past couple years. For me this conference was the next step in those unfinished conversations and a healing balm. It allowed me to lament (which for me is always in the first few steps of any substantive change) where we have failed (and continue to fail) because the existence of these conversations shows what is possible when we recognize the Spirit of Christ in our midst, in one another, in all.

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The Gospel According to Aretha and a Playlist for Pentecost 16C

…these same grumbling pharisees were the audience for the parable of the unrighteous manager who acts with wisdom. Here Jesus essentially challenges the elites of his day to utilize the unjust system in which they willingly participate to bring about justice for their siblings in need. In this context consider the wisdom of Aretha Franklin: “You better think, Think about what you’re trying to do to me. Yeah, think, Let your mind go, let yourself be free…” And it seems that in this weeks lesson this same grumbling audience is standing ‘round Jesus, and they’re just not getting it. So Jesus, with a story that typifies tough love or what Bonhoeffer called “costly grace”, brings this parable of Lazarus the Beggar…

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