Author: Joel

Advent 4A – December 22, 2019 Playlist

Songs of commitment and love in the midst of loss to accompany Advent 4A from Brandi Carlile, David Gray, John Lennon, Josh Ritter, Patty Griffin, Sara Bareilles, Benjamin Gibbard, Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Michael Gungor, Lost Dogs, Ben Harper, Over the Rhine, and Tangled Blue

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Advent 3A – December 15, 2019 Playlist and Sermon

Songs for a moment of doubt, change, and finding a new path. Songs from Fiction Family, Bruce Cockburn, Over the Rhine, The Heavy, U2, Ingrid Michaelson, Dan Wilson, Brandi Carlile, Heatherlyn, Jonathan Rundman, David Wilcox, Pink Floyd, and Tangled Blue

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