May 2018 Students realize that their unresolved official complaints concerning racism, which have been voiced in accordance with the Student Handbook, to Dean Sebastian and acting-president Dunlop and board-chair Williams have not been sent on to the second human resources firm hired by the Board of Trustees to investigate these and other claims. While other claimants are being interviewed by the human resources firm these students, with legitimate and rightly filed claims, are left out of this process. These students then bare an additional burden during final examinations of reinitiating their claims. The lateness of these reinitiated claims then results in some interviews being completed in less than ideal circumstances.

One of the many claims filed by students and confirmed by current Board Chair Rev. Dr. Peter Boehringer in August 2018 states that both Bishop Dunlop as an individual and the ULS Board of Trustees as a whole was “delayed in addressing concerns brought by African-American students.” Now we respectfully ask Bishop Dunlop and the entire Board: why were these delays permitted? What is the standard by which these delays are rightly measured? Why have these delays been targeted toward the African-American students? Why do these delays continue to this day? How will the Board ensure that these delays and the many other forms of systemic racism which impact ULS students not continue indefinitely? 

As of October 15, 2018 Bishop Dunlop has resigned from the ULS Board of Trustees. The above questions for the entire board remain unanswered. Many of the proposed policies in the ULS Policy Survey seek to address these ongoing systemic issues in the ULS community. This announcement is part of the timeline of racism at United Lutheran Seminary