Philly’s White Jesus

March 13, 2018 Part of the ongoing conversation concerning racism in the Philadelphia context is the white, eurocentric space of the chapel. On March 13 students in the Philadelphia Campus Council and peers scheduled a public forum to discuss the chapel space and more specifically the eurocentric art of the windows which portray Jesus as a blond haired and blue eyed boy. Earlier that morning our Black peer, the students faculty advisor and Dean heard first hand from Dr. Krentz of his statements to this student in the Philadelphia classroom building as well as his statements in January and fall 2017 classes on both campuses.

At the time of this afternoon meeting many of our Black peers had now heard of the meeting with Dr. Krentz and in the context of this public forum they rightly call Dr. Krentz and the whole community to account for these racist words and actions. The African descent student community in Philadelphia then made a request of their white peers stating they’ve seen how their white peers can organize when a part of the community is in crisis [they were referencing here the crisis surrounding President Latini]. Our Black peers publicly state the very real crisis of racism and ask their white peers to stand with them in the naming of ULS racism. A racially diverse group of students respond by beginning to draft the ULS Student Statement Concerning Racism.

This announcement is part of the timeline of racism at United Lutheran Seminary