April 9, 2018 In an email to the ULS Diversity Task Force set up by former President, Dr. Latini, the Student Chair of the Philadelphia Campus Council sends an urgent request for intervention:

Dear Members of the Diversity Task Force,

The Students respectfully request that immediate action is taken in response to the Student Statement Concerning Racism that was sent to Faculty, Staff, Administration, Acting President Dunlop, and to Cheryl Williams, the Acting Chair of the Board of Trustees. We have had several more students add this signatures to this Statement since it was submitted on Friday. I’m attaching it with the additional names to this message. The Students respectfully await your response.

Faculty vote to support ULS Student Statement Concerning Racism but no official statement of support is publicly given. 80+ signers to the ULS Student Statement Concerning Racism. This announcement is part of the timeline of racism at United Lutheran Seminary.