I am posting this a little late, but here are 21 songs for 2021. These tunes found some time in my ears this past year, some more than others (taking a look at the tunes I listened to the most via Apple Music is really interesting), and all of them speak to my experience of this past year. 

Do you have some tunes which carried you through? I’d love to hear your list of 21 songs for 2021. Send me your 2021 playlist. Here’s mine…

21 songs for 2021 on Apple Music 21 songs for 2021 on Spotify 21 songs for 2021 on YouTube

1 – This Year by The Mountain Goats

2 – Ring the Bells by JOHNNYSWIM & Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

3 – Holy Ghost Fire by Larkin Poe

4 – Begin Again by Tangled Blue

5 – Exception to the Rule by Better Oblivion Community Center

6 – Love Is the Law by The Suburbs

7 – Hold On by Toad the Wet Sprocket 

8 – Carry by The Lone Bellow

9 – Love Love Love by The Mountain Goats

10 – Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine

11 – Life on Land by Dessa

12 – Plentiful (Originals) by Alicia Keys

13 – My Love Is a Fever by Over the Rhine

14 – Take Your Medicine by Cloud Cult

15 – Your Love Leaves a Mark on Me by J.E. Sunde

16 – Isn’t That What Friends Are For? by Bruce Cockburn

17 – All My Favorite People by Over the Rhine

18 – 1+1+1 is 3 by Prince

19 – Slow Down Fast by Bruce Cockburn

20 – Custer by Johnny Cash

21 – The Body of Love by Ben Lee