For the season of Lent 2021 the community in/around/connected to East Side Lutheran Church is reading a daily chapter of an Epistle. We’ve just read the book of Galatians together and are starting the book of Ephesians today. Now’s a great time to join in this community experience. Even if your only connection to this neighborhood congregation in Sioux Falls is me, I’d love to have you as a Lenten partner through Easter. 

I send out a daily email every morning with the reading and a brief community question or media link. You can sign up to be on this email list and view the past posts here. One of the questions I’m asking throughout the season of Lent is what songs come to mind as we read these Epistles together. I’ve started a playlist that will include everyone’s song suggestions. 

Make Your Song Suggestion!

You can listen to these community curated playlists on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify.