In Episode 3 we welcome a conversation with Elisabeth Preisinger and Josef Lorentz on the Enneagram and the woman at the well from John 4:5-42 with a performance of a Kyrie by Tangled Blue with stories from Schmilkendorf, Germany and Red Deer, Alberta.

For those of you interested in more of the history of the Enneagram here is where you can download the additional part of Josef and Elisabeth’s conversation that we edited out of Episode 3. Thanks for listening!

Want to dive deeper into the Enneagram and your personality type?
You can take the free Classical Enneagram Test here to get an idea of what your type might be. Try to be honest with how you feel you are insidenot how you want to be or be seen. At the end, the site will give you a ranking of how you scored for each type (aka your number).
You can read about your type online here and here. We recommend exploring your top three types from the quiz to see which one really best fits you! People often mis-type at first.
We also highly recommend these books:
  • The Enneagram Made Easy by Elizabeth Wagele & Renee Baron (a great surface-level introduction)
  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram and/or Personality Types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
  • The Enneagram in Love and Work by Helen Palmer
As you read about your type, ideally with a companion, here are some moments we love to track and discuss:
  1. “Wow, this statement really summarized how I think/feel/act”
  2. “Is this really how others see me???”
  3. “I thought everybody felt/thought this way”
  4. “This is something you probably didn’t know about me”
  5. “This is so NOT me”

Here are a few photos from Tangled Blue’s performance in Schmilkendorf, Germany in 2013.

church in Schmilkendorf, Germany (2013)

Tangled Blue and Alathea perform together in Schmilkendorf, Germany in 2013