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20 songs for 2020

I’ve posted a little request/challenge of some of my friends that’s turned out to be a really lovely and inspiring exercise in listening.┬áHere are the few directives I’ve given: Make a playlist on any service(s) you choose, any 20 songs that have played a part in your year, any theme you like (funny, motivating, ironic, favorites, whatever), share your playlist link and maybe add #20songs42020. That’s it!

Have a playlist to share? Let me know. Here’s mine…

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Take Aways from the 2019 RMS Theological Conference

In ways too numerous to count it felt like this theological conference was part of a conversation that many of my peers and theological siblings have been unable or unwilling to hold over the past couple years. For me this conference was the next step in those unfinished conversations and a healing balm. It allowed me to lament (which for me is always in the first few steps of any substantive change) where we have failed (and continue to fail) because the existence of these conversations shows what is possible when we recognize the Spirit of Christ in our midst, in one another, in all.

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