March 6, 2018 Urban Theological Institute students utilize their time in the Board of Trustees listening sessions to highlight how Dr. Latini is working with them to address racism at ULS. This is the second time that students of color have raised their concerns over ongoing issues of systemic ULS racism to the Board in face to face dialog at an official Board meeting (the first occasion was on Sept. 27, 2017).

Bishop Dunlop is present for both of these sessions. It is important to note that at least one of the many claims filed by students, substantiated by an independent HR investigation, and confirmed by current Board Chair Rev. Dr. Peter Boehringer in August 2018 states that both Bishop Dunlop as an individual and the ULS Board of Trustees as a whole was “delayed in addressing concerns brought by African-American students”.

Many of the proposed policies in the ULS Policy Survey seek to address these ongoing systemic issues in the ULS community. This announcement is part of the timeline of racism at United Lutheran Seminary