Month: December 2020

Angels in your living room and other songs for Advent 4B 2020

What does the music of Paul Simon, Khalid, Sara Bareilles, Journey, Ed Sheehan, Elvis Presley, Over the Rhine and others have in common? Songs from these writers fit like a hand in a glove with the themes of Advent 4B and the longest night of the year… 20 songs for angel sightings in Advent

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Episode 2 of the Reluctant Hope Podcast

We are in week 2 of our journey together in Advent. This week on the Reluctant Hope podcast, Bishop Constanze Hagmaier sits down with Ann Marie Rossing to talk about “relationships.” The text this week comes from Malachi 2:10-3:1. Tangled Blue lead us in song. Aimee’s lovely rendering of the Lord’s Prayer is accompanied by Rob Ticherich, Hilary James, and Joel. Songs also featured in this podcast are “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, and “I Will Not Let You Go”. 

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Advent 2B 2020

We’ve been super busy, so this is just a simple post to share the playlist for Advent 2B – the week of December 6, 2020. It’s Wild Man Sunday once again: that Sunday in the Church calendar when we always have a reading about John the Baptist. This playlist includes songs from The Flaming Lips, Lenny Kravitz, The New Standards, Andrew McMahon, The Twilight Hours, John Mark Nelson, Jonathan Rundman, Bruce Cockburn, U2, The Vigilantes of Love, Page CXVI, John and Amanda Ylvisaker, The National Lutheran Choir, Jacob Pavek, Leah Ottman, Sara Groves, and two tunes from Aimee and I… and if you’re a Spotify listener then you get a track from Mötley Crüe because Lenny Kravitz’ “Like a Jet” isn’t on Spotify.

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